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As a founding member of the Fortitude Foundation, Inc. I am elated to serve as the foundation’s current president and grateful for the path that past president Stacia Robinson has laid.

When the Fortitude Foundation was established, it was designed with community service and fortitude in mind. Some 15 years later our mission is still the same and we plan to go to higher heights. During my tenure, it is my hope to expand programs, connect more with communities, and continue serving as a resource.

Our mission states “Igniting the Flame of Philanthropy to Promote: Education, Economics, Political Action and Awareness, Better Physical and Mental Health for women and underserved communities.”  Our board, past, and present, have an array of talents and are committed to using them to amplify the voices of our community. In order for us to serve and be a service, it is necessary to hear from you, the community. I invite you to join us on this journey. If you have any suggestions, projects, and/or concerns that you would like the Fortitude Foundation, Inc. to engage in, please contact us at fortitudefoundation2007@gmail.com

In Solidarity,

Tamara Cofield, Board President

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