The Fortitude Foundation is a philanthropic institution that operates through charitable donations
and partnerships. The Foundation has and continues to support programs and outreach activities

Crème de la Crème. Ltd is the annual fundraising project of the Montgomery (AL) Alumnae Chapter.

The History

Crème de la Crème provides young ladies in the Montgomery tri-county area an opportunity to participate in activities that enhance cultural exposure, etiquette, leadership, and service learning skills, while vying for the annual title and experience of representing Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Montgomery (AL) Alumnae Chapter as their ‘Cream of the Crop’ youth Queen. Each Crème contestant raises funds with the help of the sorority members, community sponsors, and event ticket buyers to see who raises the most to be crowned Miss Crème de la Crème.

This event has been the chapter’s major fundraising event since 1978 and has been co-sponsored by the Fortitude Foundation since 2009. The event was so popular that a new dimension of Little Miss Crème de la Crème was added in 2012, for girls in 4th – 8th grades to compete for the Title of Little Miss Crème de la Creme.

Crème Pearls Application -2020

Crème Diamonds Application-2020

River Region Voting Initiative’s mission is to provide information, resources, and tools to help engage communities to become active voters. Once we empower communities with the ability to be an informed voter, their issues gain significance in the eyes of politicians and decision makers. They become actively engaged in the voting process and politicians will work harder to gain their votes during elections by supporting their issues.


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